Hydro Excavation Fault Finding

Hydro Excavation Fault Finding

We locate conductive utilities, plan detect, dig fault find report


Our trained technicians will meet you onsite and work with you to ensure you have comprehensive understanding of where your underground services are located

Fault Finding and Identification

We can find faults including damaged sheathing in underground electrical cables and identify the position of underground services for planning validation or visual inspection.
All Telstra assets must be positively identified (i.e. validated), by physically sighting them. For underground assets this can be done by potholing by hand or using non-destructive vacuum extraction methods

Diggingwith hydro excavation equipment

If your job requires underground services be exposed, we have hydro excavation equipment to excavate around them without any risk of damage. If your job requires traditional digging we can also provide chain digging and concrete cutting and coring equipment.


Our technicians will spray mark the locations of the underground services on your site and provide site reports for reference



Radio Detection Electro magnetic induction locators (EMI)

Duct Rodders and sondes

Concrete Cutting and Coring

Road cutting saw

Standard quick cut

Concrete drill 50 to 150mm (core diameter)

Hydro Excavation

2000 litre truck mount hydrovac

Trenching & Earthworks

Toro mini digger with chain digging capability

4 in one bucket

Auger drive